The birthday haul

Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday to me

Ok, so strictly speaking not a haul and one of them is for Booey, but I’m still very happy with this.

The Moth is a book of 50 short stories – they’re all true and were all first told at live storytelling events across America. I rarely do non-fiction and even more rarely do short stories so this will be way out of my comfort zone; always a good thing. It’s also got a beautiful gold and silver embossed cover so I’ll be leaving it artfully lying around the place.

I really don’t need to say anything about A God in Ruins. I love Kate Atkinson and am pretty sure that even her shopping lists are works of literary greatness. This will be brilliant.

Booey’s bonus book is a children’s story written, illustrated and hand lettered by Margaret Atwood. The illustrations and lettering are gorgeous – who knew Margaret Atwood had amazing art skills? The story owes more than a little to Dr Seuss, there’s lots of toddler-friendly repetition and Booey already seems quite taken with it. It also includes a cd of Atwood reading the story, which means that at some point in the future we may enjoy a car journey listening to something other than The Gruffalo repeated 15 times. So that’s good.

And finally, a shiny new bag. As a proud supporter of independent bookshops, my sister bought all three from Mr B’s in Bath. I’ve never been, partly because I haven’t been to Bath in years and partly because I’m afraid that once I go in to that shop I will never, ever leave.

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