A heads up for Heyer fans

Two useful bits of information for fans of Georgette Heyer’s romance novels.

First, BBC1 is showing a series called 24 Hours in the Past where a motley band of ‘slebs take on different 19th century jobs to show that, shock horror, living in the 19th century was really very hard for working folk. The second episode has the six celebrities working in the type of coaching inn featured in virtually every Heyer novel and includes a change of horses for the mail coach. Fascinating to see what a coaching inn really looked like and how it operated. Watch it on iPlayer until 3 June 2015.

Secondly, a recommendation. My current favourite Heyer audiobook is the abridged version of Venetia narrated by Richard Armitage. I don’t usually like abridged audiobooks as I just don’t see the point; and the plinky plonk music between each chapter in this one is tedious, but Armitage’s husky northern narration makes it all worth it. If you’re missing Ross Poldark, I recommend treating your ears to a few hours with the debauched Lord Damerel on a Sunday night instead. Armitage also narrates the abridged Sylvester and The Convenient Marriage. Enjoy.  

I’m just here for the literature

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